Welcome to Parenting with Joy. For the past 25 years, Barbara Joy has been offering education, encouragement and tools and tips galore to thousands of parents.

Barbara often says, “Parenting is most likely the hardest thing you will ever do in your lifetime.  It is also the most important and rewarding thing, you will ever do.”

Barbara’s Positive Parenting Coaching has helped many families acquire the parenting tools that they are desperately searching for and have not found in a parenting book.  Parents from all over the United States are finding that as they make some positive changes in their parenting style, they soon see positive changes in their children’s behavior.

Barbara coaches families in person who live in northern California.  She also coaches many by phone and computer. It has proven to work quite well.  Many parents say that, with their busy lives, phone coaching works very well for them. They know that they have an hour scheduled to focus on the parenting challenges on a regular basis.

Barbara also offers classes and workshops as requested. Browse through this website to get an idea of what she is currently offering as well as possible topics for your school or organization.

Can't meet with Barbara in person?
Barbara has coached many families via phone and email conferences. Read more about this convenient and effective option and hear from parents who have successfully had "phone" sessions with Barbara for years. Individual Parent Coaching...

Barbara’s first parenting book is now available.

Easy Does It, Mom.  A book full of positive parenting tools, encouragement and inspiration to assist parents to become the parent they truly want to be! Read More...

Now Available, Barbara's new book...

Moms to Moms, shared wisdom for Moms in Recovery by Barbara Joy
Barbara interviewed nearly 100 moms in recovery from all over the United States. Read their insights and wisdoms that they candidly share with other moms.
Read what the experts are saying about Moms to Moms.

How to have MORE fun with your kids.
Barabara explains some of her best parenting tips in an interivew over at "Committment Now. com". Read the full article here.

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