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Praise for:
Moms to Moms
By Barbara Joy

“Being a Mom is living a role. What every woman wants and needs is an authentic life of her own and not living for someone else. Because what happens when the kids leave home? So read and learn how to find your life and give birth to your new self.”

Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Magic & Mudpies and Prescriptions For Living

Moms to Moms warmly welcomes readers into the heart of parenting, with practical advice and uplifting anecdotes covering a wide variety of tasks and concerns. Barbara Joy’s wisdom, experience, and love for recovery and parenting shines brightly through each page. I heartily recommend it.”

Mary Cook, M.A., R.A.S., author of Grace Lost and Found: From Addictions and Compulsions to Satisfaction and Serenity

“These pages offer a community of compassion assuring a mom, ‘You are not alone.’ Joy masterfully weaves engaging stories from moms all over the country with the threads of her own wise guidance. If you are a mom in recovery, or close to one, this is the book for you.”

Mary Anne Radmacher, author of Lean Forward into Your Life

"With encouragement and wisdom on every page, Barbara Joy and others share a message of hope and empowerment for moms in recovery. Through their touching and courageous stories they exemplify that your history isn’t your destiny and that it is never too late to be the person you want to be. This book is a blessing for every soul in recovery."

Steve Maraboli, author Life, the Truth, and Being Free, Radio Show Host

“As a mother and grandmother in recovery who has been blessed to support and encourage other moms in their journey to recovery, I was moved, encouraged, uplifted and most of all, excited to share this book with my children, friends and members of my group.”

Judy Murphy, Recovery Services Coordinator, First Resources Corporation; co-founder, Moms off Meth

“This book is raw and real, yet loving and gentle. You will feel understood, validated, and inspired by Joy’s wisdom and practical advice. You will want to read this book cover to cover, and then keep it on your nightstand for continuous inspiration.”

Jane Nelson, author of Serenity and Positive Discipline

“Barbara has a wonderful way of working with moms in recovery and getting them to honestly and openly share their most intimate feelings about motherhood and recovery.  She manages to pose the types of questions and concerns that make any mom think and ponder her responsibilities to be the best mother she can be.

It’s not all about young children.  As a mom in recovery I truly appreciated Barbara reaching out to recovering mothers with adult children.  Their words were particularly moving because they have learned the art of letting go and letting God. 

I wish all moms would read Barbara’s book.  The wisdom shared by these women is for all mothers.  All mothers, single, married, divorced need guidance and maybe this is that book, that manual that we should all get when our kids are born.  Moms in recovery are not automatically better moms but they have had to work hard on themselves and in finding themselves, are able to share their wisdom.

Barbara’s use of Affirmations and the activities she poses for journal writing are profound and so useful for any mom.  Lastly, I believe that women who read this book, recovering or not will see themselves in so many of the women who shared.  Being a mom today is difficult.  The women in this book share so many wonderful ways to make it all work.  Every mom will find a new and maybe better way to work through a problem and to raise their children. 

Thank you, Barbara!  This book is a must for any mom but should be on the shelf of any facility that works with women and their children.  Bravo!”

Kathy L., author of The Intervention Book and 12 Step Recovery Editor for BellaOnline


Moms to Moms: Shared Wisdom from Moms in Recovery is about recovery from addiction. A heartfelt collection of the words from recovering moms, each chapter reminds me of a conversation between women trying their best to overcome addiction while taking care of their children, something they haven’t always been able to do successfully. These women share their pain, courage, regret, pride and above all, the utmost love for their children. Author Barbara Joy is a counselor who uses these conversations to give readers information about how they can benefit and grow from these women’s stories. I would suggest this book as important reading material for all moms, not just those in recovery. Joy is clear and nonjudgmental in her writing style. I heartily recommend this book!”

Penny Hastings, author of How to win a Sports Scholarship and Sports for Her: A Reference Guide for Teenage Girls

“From the start, opening Mom's to Moms is like having coffee and chatting with your best friend. Afterwards you feel blessed that somebody gets it. It will truly be a blessing for all those who are lucky enough to read it.”

Mary Korzan, author of When You Thought I Wasn’t Looking: A Book of Thanks for Mom

“Inspiring, reassuring, touching, and thought provoking: this was my experience reading Moms to Moms. Barbara lets each of us know that what we feel, the transitions we are going through, the tears we shed—are all okay! This is so needed – Bravo!”

Pamela Miller, Collaborative Justice Coordinator, Riverside Superior Court

“Your birth speaks of your destined greatness, your life voices your success and your legacy echoes your significance. Moms to Moms: Shared Wisdom from Moms in Recovery is about destined greatness, success and significance. Filled with extraordinary stories, testimonies, prose and practical wisdom, this must read book is a compass to mothers and children all over the world. This treasure is for you, when you yearn for encouragement and when you need a sisterhood of loving mothers. Like a gourmet meal, pull up a chair and sit at this table of lessons that will nourish you and your family for generations. Bon Appétit!”                                                  

Dr. Alvin Augustus Jones

Moms to Moms: Shared Wisdom from Moms in Recovery by Barbara Joy: Published by Conari Press; Publication Date: September 2011; Price: $16.95; Paperback; ISBN: 978-1573244831; Cateogory: Recovery; Available wherever books are sold or through the publisher at (800) 423-7087,, or online at

Also available at
Moms to Moms: Shared Wisdom from Moms in Recovery.
Also available in a Kindle Edition.

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