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Easy Does It, Mom is full of encouragement and compassion even for those moms who have grown children.  I am going to use the ‘Gems in your Pocket’ and affirmations daily as I continue in my recovery.”

- Linda

I identify with many of the situations that are used in this book. Some of them from my own childhood and others more recently, as a mom.  I recommend  Easy Does It, Mom to every mom, whether in recovery or not.  It is full of encouragement and who doesn’t need that?”

- Kelly, mom of 3

Easy Does It, Mom
Parenting in Recovery
By Barbara Joy


This book is for you.  I’ve written it because I know you, like every mom, want to do the very best job raising your children that you can.  Being a mom is many times overwhelming and exhausting with few expressions of gratitude coming to you, for all of your hard work.  I can tell you this because I am a mom of three now grown children.

In spite of the many peaks and valleys, (sometimes cliffs and pits!), all three of them grew up to be loving, responsible, self-reliant adults. Being a mom has been the most challenging as well as the most rewarding chapter of my life.  It is my greatest success. I wish the very same for you and your children.

You and I have similarities. We are moms.  Have you ever noticed how moms have an understanding of one another that others don’t? We know how hard it can be.  We know how we hurt when they hurt.  How we miss them when they are not with us.  We know how much we wish they would just behave when they are with us! Many times, as moms, we feel alone and isolated; that maybe we are the only mom out of control and feeling helpless; wanting to be a good mom and not knowing what to do.

This book will help you to become the best mom you can be. Within these pages you will discover many effective tools that you can begin using today with your children. You will most likely be pleasantly surprised that as you begin to parent in a more positive way, your children will respond in the same way. 

For the past 25 years, I have worked with parents and children in many arenas.  Teaching, nursing, advocating, coaching and consulting.  I am passionate about assisting parents to acquire positive parenting tools in order to raise children who are happy and healthy with good esteem. Equally important is for you to build your confidence as a mom and be proud of how you parent. While I am not a mom in recovery, I have worked with many moms over the years who are.  Moms in recovery and their children have generously shared with me their true experiences that are within the pages of this book.  The names have been changed in respect of their anonymity.

One reoccurring theme in this book is the importance of giving your child encouragement. You need and deserve it too. This book is filled with inspiration and encouragement for you.  At the end of every chapter, you will discover suggested journaling activities, some ‘gems for your pocket’ and affirmations.  The gems will be reminders of what has been covered in each chapter.  You will be able to turn to these pages as you go through your busy day and rediscover just the tool you are searching for.

You are a woman of courage and strength. I acknowledge you for remaining committed to your recovery. It is the greatest gift you can give your children. I wish for you continued determination and healing, as you continue, one step at a time, to be the very best mom you can be.


Anyone who is involved in a child’s life will benefit from this book. The child will also benefit because the more that the important people in his life model “respectful parenting” the better for the child:

Moms in recovery • Family members • Friends, even if they don’t have children
Dads in recovery • Day Care Providers • Teachers • Counselors & Therapists
Human Resources • Physicians • Pediatricians


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