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Workshop and Class Schedule

Many schools, parent groups and community organizations are now participating in workshops, classes and training, designed for both parents and teachers. They range from 90 minute presentations to 8 week courses.

Some of the popular topics included:

Positive Discipline Tools Understanding Your Child's Temperament
Developmental Stages Preparing the Family for a New Baby
Sibling Rivalry
Building Self-Esteem
Clarifying Your Famiy's Values Handling Anger: Yours and Your Child's
Refinding and Refueling Yourself and Your Relationships Parenting the Child with Special Health Needs
Understanding and Supporting Your Adopted Child Helping our Children (and Ourselves) Cope with Tragedy and Loss

Class and Workshop Schedule
Barbara is not currently teaching scheduled classes, but is available for private groups or speaking engagements. Please contact us at 707-480-2628 for more information.

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