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Recommended Reading
Reading can be an effective way to expand your parenting skills. I have compiled extensive book lists for a variety of topics. Feel free to email me if you have a suggestion for an addition to any of the topics.

Positive Parenting • Parenting Your Toddler and Preschooler

Adoption (Parent's Resources) • Adoption (Children's Books)

Multiples • Sibling Rivalry • Preparing for the New Baby

Safety • Your Body

Single Parenting

Death, Grief and Loss • Moving

Disabilities • Differences and Similarities

Parenting Teens and Tweeners

Inspiration and Encouragement for Parents


Children and Mistakes, by Alina Tugend,
Author of Better By Mistake: The Unexpected Benefits of Being Wrong

Reference Tools
Downloadable reference tools (.doc format) written by Barbara

Developmental Highlights of Your Eight-Year-Old

Developmental Highlights of Your Nine-Year-Old
Developmental Highlights of Your Ten-Year-Old
Developmental Highlights of Your Eleven-Year-Old
Developmental Highlights of Your Twelve-Year-Old

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In Easy Does It, Mom (Conari Press, May 2009), Barbara Joy provides moms with positive encouragement, knowledge, and positive parenting tools they can begin using immediately as they continue their recovery and move toward being the best moms they can be. Read more about Barbara's new book.

Barbara's second book is coming out in September, 2011: Moms to Moms. Read what the experts are saying about this new inspiring book.

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