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Recommended Reading
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TOPIC: Safety

Books for Adults:

  • Protecting the Gift , Gavin DeBecker

Books for Children:

  • No Dragons for Tea – Fire safety for kids, Jean Pendziwel
  • Watch Out for Strangers, Paul Humphrey
  • Who Is a Stranger? What Should I do?, Linda Girard
  • The Sneetches, Dr. Seuss
  • The Safety Zone, Donna Chaiet
  • Bullies Are a Pain in the Brain, Trevor Romain
  • Berenstain Bears and the Bully, Stan & Jan Berenstein
  • The Boy Who Sat By The Window, Chris Loftis
  • Learn About Strangers, Stan & Jan Berenstain
  • Just Lost , Gina & Mercer Mayer

TOPIC: Your Body
  • What’s the Big Secret? By Laurie Kransy Brown and Marc Brown
  • Your Body Belongs to You , Cornelia Spelman
  • Where Did I Come From?, Peter Mayle
  • It’s so Amazing (for ages 7 and up) Robie Harris
  • What’s Happening to Me? (adolescent/puberty) by Peter Mayle

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