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What Other Parents Say about Barbara

"I learned a tremendous amount about positive parenting from taking Barbara’s class and I have learned how to deal with some of the more difficult parts about being a parent to my two boys, ages 5 and 7. Some of the topics I enjoyed talking about with Barbara and the other parents were discussing tips to deal with sibling rivalry, anger management, and positive discipline. I also learned a lot about taking care of myself so I can do a better job of parenting by simplifying my life, reducing stress and saying no to too many outside commitments so I can spend more time enjoying my kids. My husband has mentioned that I seem more relaxed and confident as a parent since I’ve taken her class and that he can see that it’s been gret for me to talk about the challenges of parenting with the other parents at the class. We have learned so much from listening to each other and we feel like we are not alone in dealing with these issues. I would highly recommend taking Barbara’s class!"

-- Karol Scheiner

“I’ve been amazed at how unprepared and unequipped I have felt as a parent, and your coaching and support has helped me to meet the challenges in a very important way.”

- Grayson James, parent of child age 4.

“The thing I tell people that I get out of (parenting) coaching is that it is not like counseling, where you look at the past and “why’s”, but instead look at what am I going to do to improve my situation and what do I need? It makes me take responsibility for my own happiness and it works for me.”

-Rachel Wilson, Parent of two children, ages 2 and 7.

“Our situation is pretty unique having 3 toddlers so close in age. Having the sessions really helped us deal with the problems we have and solving them in a way that exactly fits our needs.”

- Katy Dalwood, parent of three children, ages 3, 3 and 7.

“My increased confidence in my parenting skills has spilled over to other areas of my life; I used to second-guess every decision I made. Now I make a decision and stick to it.”

- Jennifer Nash

“We have found Barbara Joy’s parenting classes a great investment in our family. The class helps us see where we are succeeding with our kids, and assists us in identifying clear, positive tools in the areas where we need help.

Learning about “age appropriate” behavior has really helped us in our parenting. We now have more realistic expectations of our son, are better able to analyze and avoid traumas, and are more compassionate when regressive behavior occurs.

Learning about different “parenting styles” has helped us coordinate our approaches on key parenting issues, where in the past we would clash in our attempts to discipline our child.”

- Pamela & Hally

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